• mimi bahk

카톡 rambling on my new possible body of work

(these ideas came across my mind yesterday, July 25th, right before I fell asleep. I wrote them down in kakao talk messenger and sent it to me... some of them doesn't make sense)

-capturing the moments and the feelings through the visible language

-the language contains gestures, sound of labor that mechanics produces

-fragility of the actions -- not perfectly choreographed

-they go astray now and then but there also will be part when they harmonize perfectly

-of course there are many other conversation can be made with the choice of material -- the robots but i wish audience can more focus on their sensations, the present moment, when they really listen to the feelings that is evoking from observing the robots dance.

-technology is something that can be discussed later -- it's just apparatus. i need to think about it more, my decision of using robots not real human. humans instantly give audience direct connotations of gender/sexuality/race/ethnicity/body imagery -- there are so many characteristics that we can pick up from just taking a glance at the body.

-there are people around you who are actually willing to help, the disciplines that we made up for ourselves makes it hard to give up on our obligations but u can and seek for the support. when you are very hard, like a rock, you are much more prone to break.

-staying flexible enough and having a hint of vulnerability will make our community much more fluid... less breakable

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