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(2019/07/19) moving into to steamy reality show

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

I moved out from Ethan's and got to Anna's place in Bed Stuy. The walk from the G train is about 6 minute walk and there were two cats and three roommates. 6 living creatures were jammed in this one space sharing their times together in really hot, almost like 100 degrees weather.

this is Gene

This is Gene, Gi's cat. His tongue is always sticking out and his very chubby... the other one's name is B.B.G. (baby girl) and she is very energetic not like Gene. B.B.G. would come into my room in the morning asking for food thinking I am Nicky. She also went up to the drawer to knock things on to the floor and play with the things really loudly asking for food. She was actually the one who made me wake up early in the morning for couple days, which felt good. I thank B.B.G. for that but I don't thank her for extremely stinky poo..

Later this night me and Anna ended up going to a club in Brooklyn called 444. I knew this club because Savy told me that she used to work at the door for this place. I also knew it from other people saying it's a new and hip club but it can be weird because it is too new. However, I ended up going to the place with Olive, Savy, and Anna.

Savy at 444

Anna and I drank two cans of beer thinking that would be it for the night but the bartender was Anna's friend so they gave us a big shots of tequilla. After the shots we were both kind of tipsy. We went outside because inside the club was pretty dead and also to get some fresh air. Took some cute pictures with my digital camera and was talking about how we all feel about being in New York and then I looked over to the door and saw someone really familiar.

She was Gia! Gia and I went to school together in Boston and we were quite close if I am not wrong. We talked about what we've been doing after graduating high school and she said she is djing for clubs in nyc and will go trip to Europe soon. My impression of seeing a friend in New York who I went high school together was really delightful -- it was good to see that she is also working her way to find out her own path, which led me to think many people in our age are on similar page. Sometime I get stuck with my own issues and end up obsessively think about myself how I feel like I am very behind for some reason. But when I have conversations with friends who are in similar situations/circumstances as me right now, it helps track down what I have done so far and realize how fulfilling it is to feel very passionate about what I am interested and the interest is still valid even till now.

me savy and olive

I went inside and at this point I was drunk. Me and my friends danced in the first row with intense fog around. On top of being drunk the fog machine would blast the fog occasionally and I was totally disoriented but I was more comfortable to dance harder because of that. I went outside and peed at right beside random dumpster and took some really horrendous pictures of me peeing. Anna and I stayed at the club till 2 am and took a cab back home.

Due to the horrible heatwave, I mostly stayed at home binge watching reality shows with my roommates rest of my stay there. Some of the shows were good and some them were not, they were: Bachelorettes, Euphoria, Terrace House, and Mob Psycho 100 (my recommendation.) I feel like I've done of many things in Anna's house but memory got kind of muddy...

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